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Something new everyday. Many different job skills in all sorts of disciplines to be learned from running a deep fryer to installing tires. Workplace environment. I really like the workplace environment of Costco.

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I enjoyed while working there. All managers and employees are very friendly and helpful and always supportive. Great First Job.

This company awards loyalty, hard work and seniority. Good benefits, decent pay, and good management. Hours are not ideal as all day shifts are given to those with seniority.

A respectable and fast paced work environment. Honestly one of the best places I have ever worked seasonal position. Amazing management who really cares for their employees. Not a place to work at if you're looking for easy pay. You put in the work, you'll be respected.

I would come back here in a heartbeat. Good Seasonal Position. I worked at costco for the summer seasonal position.

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They give long hours even to seasonal employees who are expected to get the least amount, and it is so hard trying to get days off. I had to miss out on family weddings and trips because my time off wasn't approved. Great place. Lots of opportunity for advancement.

Friendly crew members.

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Managers who understand family issues sometime effect work. Supportive and memorable company.

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I love my job. I look forward to seeing most of the people I work with every morning. We work hard but have a lot of fun. I have been working there for almost 16 years, but as time goes on, sometimes changes are made, and when you are use to many years of the same thing, sometimes change is a little harder to take.

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Fun place with good people and management that cares. Costco's deals are a huge draw for many members. Business Insider reached out to Costco employees to learn more about their top shopping tips, because it pays to shop armed with insider information. Thirty-five ended up sharing their best strategies. One employee of four years suggested shopping for everything at the chain, which isn't that far-fetched of an idea, considering Costco sells cars , vacations , food kits for the apocalypse , yummy fast food , and even caskets.

From auto insurance, travel , mortgages, return policy, warranties — if you can get it through Costco, you absolutely should. Here's what Costco workers had to say about how you can instantly improve your shopping experience. Costco Canada is a chain of warehouse clubs offering a wide range of food and non-food products in Canada. Welcome to the this weeks steam daily wishlist giveaway post costco coupons this week bc for the Costco England Fan Blog. Customer Care.

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